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The Company is applying listing into Taiwan for the first time, and has set up Kayee Corp. Limited in Taiwan on December 2012. In January 2013, in order to enter the China market, we established TKX International Trading Co., Ltd.; in April 2013, we set up Kayee International Holding Co., Ltd. And in December 2013 it reinvested in Kayee Investment Holding (HK) Co., Ltd. and KE MO House Co., Ltd., which is mainly responsible for the China mainland procurement, quality inspection and other operations. For mastering the product quality and skill control in time and through mainland market operation to get closer to supply chains, we’ve established Xin Geng You Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., in Shenzhen and integrates with Kayee Corp. Ltd. and TKX International Trading Co., Ltd. later. On.

Kayee International Group Co., Ltd.

(Hereinafter referred as Kayee Group or the Company) was an investment holding company, established on May 28, 2015 in the British Cayman Islands. However, in order to make Kayee International Group Co., Ltd. the first subject to apply for listing, in August 2015, it exchanged equity with the shareholders of Kayee International Holding Co., Ltd. After the completion of Kayee Group's structure, for expanding the proportion of self-made products, then in June 2015 in Ningbo, we established Ningbo Xin Jiekai Electronics Co., Ltd.

The Company’s major business contents are divided into body care products, household goods, sports equipment, electronic and electrical appliances, kitchenware, which we develop, manufacture and sell. Our customers mainly are distributed around Europe and America, in the DRTV satellite TV purchasing channels, “In Store TV Shop in Shop” sales channels, Mail order/Internet sales channels and Retail department store sales channels. The Group owns diversified channels to customers, thus driving advertising effect and sales performance of our goods in the market.


Listing Category Department Store Trader
Securities Code 2939
Stocks KY
Establish date May 28, 2015
Public release date Jul 25, 2017
Listing date Jan 11, 2018
Listing date Aug 08, 2017
Chairman KEY WEI HOLDING LIMITED (Represent by: Tsai, Mou-Fu)
General Manager Tsai, Mou-Fu
Spokeman Tsai, Mou-Fu
Deputy Spokesman Wang, Jin De
Paid-up Capital 455,486,650 dollar
Number of Ordinary Shares Issued 45,548,665 share
Business content The company mainly undertakes product development, manufacturing and sales of TV shopping, shopping channels, retail stores, mail order, online shopping and other channels. We mainly provide various products applied daily life, which are roughly divided into 5 categories as follows:body care, household goods, sports equipment, electronic appliances, and kitchenware.
At present, we are the largest supplier of direct TV marketing (DRTV) channels in the United States. We will utilize this advantage to expand online and offline channels such as physical retail stores and e-commerce, develop the deployment of all channels, and strive to become one of the largest suppliers of daily life products in Asia.
Company address 8th Fl., No. 59 Sec. 2 Yung Ho Rd., Yung Ho District, New Taipei City 23444, Taiwan.
Company telephone +886-2-2929-5373
Company fax +886-2-2929-5371
Company website
English full name Kayee International Group Co., Ltd.
English abbreviation KE
English address 8F., No.59, Sec. 2, Yonghe Rd. Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23444 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Agent China Trust Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
Stock phone (886) 2-2311-1838
Stock address No. 168, Ching Mau 2 Rd., Nan Kang District, Taipei.
Accountant Liao,Wan-Yi accountant, Chang,Keng-Hsi accountant

Kayee Int'l Group Structure