Social Responsibility

While keeping running and developing normally as well as maximizing shareholder's interests, the Company also actively pays attention to consumer rights, community environmental protection, public welfare and so forth, and also attaches importance to the Company's social responsibility.

Consumer Rights

Whether the product is self-produced or outsourced, we all assign staffs to monitor and control quality. Especially for products in direct contact with bodies or powered by electricity that may cause hazards to bodies, we expand the proportion of sampling or participate in the whole production process so as to ensure safety in use for consumers.

Charitable activities

The main ways of the Company’s taking part in social charitable activities at present are mainly donation and auspices. After the persons in charge provide reports stating the objectives, recipients of support and benefits of the activities to the decision-making supervisors, the decision-making supervisors then decide the amounts of donations. And the Company also obtains receipts for credibility.